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Treasury Board in Tambov

The organization of Tambov governorship (later renamed into Tambov province) in 1779 was followed by the establishment of Tambov Treasury Chamber hosting the functions of finance and economy management. The Treasury was meant to monitor the timely receipt of income and present the data about arrears to the Treasury Chamber.

The building that used to be occupied by the Provincial Treasury Chamber and Board was situated at the intersection of Nikolskaya and Bolshaya Streets (today Michurinskaya and Sovetskaya). Three front facades of the former treasury building face three different streets and are decorated with the brick-style elements. Five windows of the third row are built over the main entrance of the two-story building in the form of an attic.

At present, the red-brick building sits the Interregional Local Administration of the Federal Agency for State Property Management in Tambov and Lipetsk regions as well as other offices.

The main artistic pinnacle of the building is the huge cast-iron stairs leading from the vestibule to the second floor.   

65, Moskovskaya Str., Tambov, Tambov region
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