Collection orchard

The collection orchard named after I. V. Michurin was founded in 1935 when the biologist was still alive. The place for the orchard was the area of former Bazarnaya Square. The orchard was supposed to become an open-air laboratory for the students of fruit selection institute organized in 1931 by Michurin himself. Thanks to the research works of the students and teachers it was possible to plant the varieties of trees not typical for the local climate. Here, Ivan Michurin was buried right among the fruits of his work.    

Lidiya Ivanova, Michurin’s granddaughter, had been managing the orchard for a long while. There were pear trees, apple trees of different varieties, bird cherry trees, plum, Juneberry and apricot trees, rowan and cherry trees, grape. A lot of flowers grew in the garden too – tulips, lilac, roses, pions, phloxes, dahlia, golden-daisies, etc. The collection of the fruit varieties bred by Michurin and his followers, as well as the collection of old Russian varieties of the apple, the pear and some berry plants were arranged on several hectares in 1970.    

Today, the orchard is in a desolate state although reconstruction works are being held to recreate its uniqueness. The orchard area is planned to be improved and divided into several sections with summer pavilions, fountains and benches.

Internatsionalnaya Str., Michurinsk, Tambov region
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