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Gymnasium of St. Pitirim

The oldest comprehensive school of the town – gymnasium №7 – is located in Rakhmaninov Street in the center of Tambov. The history of this educational institution started with the construction of its building in 1905-1910 right behind the building of Tambov music school. The brick work popular at that time was used as the exterior decoration of the building. The porch, balcony and railings were decorated with artistic iron casting. The façade of the building bore Tambov emblem preserved to the present day. The upper floor of the building was occupied by the private chapel with its roof crowned with a big dome. The construction was supported with the funds of a Tambov sponsor, Mikhail Popov.         

The gymnasium received a name of the first Tambov bishop St. Pitirim who made a great contribution to the spiritual life of the province. The gymnasium had been functioning until 1917 and it was divided into a real and gymnasium departments. After the revolution the red-brick building was occupied by the Provincial Executive Committee of the party. Only later the building was returned to the school.

In 2008, the in-town scenes of the “Once upon a time there lived a simple woman” movie were shot in the backyard of the gymnasium.

4, Rakhmaninov Str., Tambov, Tambov region
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