The manor of the Voyeykovs in Olshanka village

In September 1816, Major-General Alexei Voyeykov and his young wife Vera Nikolayevna left Petersburg for permanent residence in the Tambov province. Their path lay on the homeland of Alexei Vasilyevich in the village of Rasskazovo, then on the estate of Olshanka in the Borisoglebsky district where the couple lived ten happy years with their children: Maria, Leonid and Alexei. In July 1825, the family suffered a heavy loss — A. V. Voyeykov died.  The rest of the years Vera Nikolayevna dedicated to the education of children, and later grandchildren — famous painters — Elena and Vassily Polenov.

Being already professional painters, the Polenovs worked a lot and fruitfully here. For several years Olshanka became a real Polenovs» «Barbizon». In the summer period Vassily Dmitrievich painted a lot of landscapes — «Pond in Olshanka», «Old house in Olshanka», and, of course, countless sketches for future paintings. Elena Dmitrievna created four large panels for the interior decoration of the manor house in Olshanka and sketches: «Bath in Olshanka», «Threshing», «Plowing», «Church in Olshanka», «Wooden and stone churches in Olshanka», etc.

In 1843, in memory of her husband, Vera Nikolayevna began the construction of the Church of Resurrection of Christ the Savior in the territory of the estate, which was completed in 1860. The project of the church was created by academician K. A.  Moldavsky — a friend of the Polenov family. Its facade was designed by professor R.I. Kuzmin. The six-pillared central volume of the church is completed with a 12-sided massive drum crowned with a central head. The side belfries are completed by typical Russian tents. The interiors of the Resurrection Church were decorated with works by the painter P. P. Chistyakov — «Last Supper» and «Holy Family».

In the 30s, church utensils were plundered, and a granary was located in the church. Later, a small iconostasis was found in the basement. Currently, the services are held in the church. Some outbuildings of the estate also survived: kitchen, manager's house, two stables. In recent years, the works began to restore the former manor. Also the pond was cleaned and the park was cleared.

Krasnoye Znamya, Uvarovsky district, Tambov region
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