The Zagryazhsky-Stroganov’s Estate

Sergey Stroganov, a Maecenas and collector of paintings, prominent military and government figure of those times, was one of the owners of Znamenka estate. He sponsored the building of the painting college in Moscow that provided free education and continued supporting it financially after the construction was over. Later on the school was named in his honor – Stroganov painting college. Count Stroganov had a lot of friends – outstanding personalities in various fields. Some of them visited Znamenka estate. The talented landscape painter Fyodor Vasilyev was a frequent guest in the count’s house.        

During the time spent in the estate the charming Russian nature inspired the artist and made an indeliable impression on him. In his notebook he kept his sketches and scenic etudes including the most well-known ones – “Evening”, “Before the Rain”, “After a Rain” and “Village”.     

Znamenka is frequently associated with Pushkin’s wife’s name – Natalya Goncharova. Right here in Znamenka, the next day after the battle of Borodino, on August, 27, 1812 Natalia Ivanovna gave birth to a daughter who was called Natalya Nikolaevna. The baby girl was the future wife of the great Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin.  

In the middle of the 60s of the 19th century P.S. Stroganov, the count’s son, bacame an owner of the estate. He was an eminent Maecenas, an owner of the rich collection of art some of which had been kept in the estate that was used as a summer residence. After the October revolution all the valuable pieces of art were taken away and donated to the regional museum of local history and later on – to the art gallery.

The building had remained abandoned until 1927. Now it rooms the district museum of local history.       

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