Morshansk public garden

Krasnaya Str., Morshansk, Tambov region

Morshansk public garden, named after A.S. Pushkin, was founded in the first half of the 19th century. Back then the garden was located on the swampy area and had only one alley. In the past the garden burnt twice but nevertheless it had always been loved by Morshansk gentry and merchants.  

The monument to Emperess Catherine II was erected in the garden presumably in 1873. The bust was cast out of bronze according to the project of the famous sculptor, S.I. Galberg, a professor of the Russian Academy of Arts. The center of the pedestal had the inscription saying: “To  Mother Tsarina Catherine II – the founder of Morshansk”.   

During the Soviet times the monument was destroyed and the director of Morshansk Histroical and Art Museum managed to save only Catherine’s bust. It had been kept in the museum storerooms and at the beginning of the 1990s it was finally installed in the museum yard.  

After the World War II the area of the public garden grew up to 4.5 hecatres. Larch, birch, maple trees and decorative shrubs were planted here. On the territory of the garden there were three open-air stages, a dance floor, a reading hall, a lecture hall, various bars, kiosks and stalls offering cool drinks. In the olden days the citizens‘ favorite flower exhibitions were organized here as well.

The monument to Morshansk victims of the World War II was opened in one of the alleys of the public garden in 1968.

Today the public garden is still a nice place for Morshansk citizens to relax and enjoy the amusements in summer.