Zvezda Horse Club

19, Zamostie Str., Novoye Khmelevoye village, Michurinsk district, Tambov region
+7 (905) 085-96-66

The club is located 19 km away from Michurinsk, in Novoye Khmelevoye village. The club territory comprises over 100 hectares. The combination of the forest, plains, hills and natural water bodies creates comfortable conditions for training and horseracing classes.  

The club has a stable, fenced outdoor areas with grass court, an indoor arena for classes to be held in any weather, several parade grounds (for battle, training, and warm-up), as well as a round arena for training horses. Nearly 30 horses of various breeds are kept the club stable.   

The experienced staff of the club will help you to learn horse riding, master the rules of horse driving and enjoy your time with horses.

The horse club offers:

-   an educational game program;

-   an excursion and a tea party;

-   feeding horses;

-   horse riding or a ride in a sleigh or carriage.