Sosnovka district is located in the northern and North-Eastern part of Tambov region with its center in Sosnovka work settlement. The first record of Sosnovka dates back to the 17th century. The number of settlers at that time grew all over Russia. Having run away from their masters, peasants were looking for a shelter. It is believed that the first settlers on the Sosnovochka river were Ryazan peasants whose surnames were Ivanov, Ignatyev, Eliseyev and Nikitin. During the winter time numerous tall pine trees growing among the stripped deciduous trees served as beacons for the travelers. Hence, the name – Sosnovka (Russian word “sosna” means “pine tree”).        

Founded in 1629, Mamontov monastery is one of the oldest Christian Orthodox monasteries in Tambov land. The monastery used to have more than 1500 tenths of arable land. It possessed two settlements and two villages with their total population of 702 people. Many lands belonged to prince Golitsyn.         

In the middle of the 18th century there was count Benkendorf’s country estate. The count was famous Alexander Benkendorf’s grandson. Count Benkendorf’s estate was known for its forestry, gardening and sheep breeding.

Today the main district tourist attraction is Mamontov monastery that is currently being renewed.

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